All bases are graded for commercial use, and make a perfect addition to any private home or commercial outdoor space. A strong attention to detail and the use of high quality materials are the defining cornerstones of the Oasis brand. Since these pieces are crafted to support sizable overhead shade casters, stability, strength, mobility, and durability are all factors considered during the design and manufacturing process. The bases are unique in that they are highly mobile, and can easily be moved around any patio or deck, making it easy to create shade where it is most needed. No matter the style of your outdoor space, Oasis base options include various weights and sizes to hold umbrellas of all sizes. Looking to the future, the well-regarded brand anticipates expanding upon their signature line of bases that are as stylish as they are useful.

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330R5 Specifications:

330 pounds
Round Base 36 inches
Fits Umbrella Poles 1.5-2.75 inches
Black, Grey, Brown

High quality ASA plastic cover ensures maximum protection from heat, UV rays, impacts, and harsh weather conditions.
Zinc plated and powder coated body to ensure maximum protection from any environment
Sealed bearings and zinc chromated casters to ensure maximum protection from harsh environments

The 300R5 Base is comprised of five packages (the mobile umbrella stand and it’s four weights) – Delivery and transportation are easily managed, despite the high total weight which will subsequently guarantee the stability of the stand.

**Umbrellas are available for purchase separately. They are not included**
We recommend a minimum of a 50 lbs base for all of our umbrellas.