SU6 Multi-Canopy Cantilever Umbrella

The stand out feature of the SU6 is the ability to mount up to 4 separate umbrellas on one central mast giving you a modular shade solution to suit all uses. Create dynamic, enduring spaces with our selection of base fixings. A portable base is great for moving your setting throughout the year. Our in-ground and surface mount options are perfect for when your other outdoor furniture is permanent. The SU6 is also available with a wall mount option.

Our cantilever umbrellas perform best in the hospitality industry. Create a VIP seating area at your high-end restaurant, a comfortable outdoor area for a cafe or a dynamic al fresco setting. Staff time and cost can be offset with our gas-assisted lift and one-movement slide technology, the umbrellas can go up and down in 5 seconds. Compare that to 30-40 seconds for other umbrellas and you’ll be saving time and money every day.

Manufactured from marine-grade aluminium
Exclusive stainless steel componentry
Modular cantilever shade that covers up to 409 ft2
Patented ‘one movement’ sliding system
Gas-strut technology provides effortless deployment


Size & Configuration

SU6 Square Uno SU6 Square Duo SU6 Square Trio SU6 Square Quat
2500mm or 3000mm  5150mm or 6150mm 5150mm or 6150mm 5150mm or 6150mm
8’2” or 9’10” 16’11” or 20’2” 16’11” or 20’2”  16’11” or 20’2
SU6 Hex Uno SU6 Hex Duo
 3500mm or 4200mm

11’6” or 13’9”

7000mm or 8400mm

23’0” or 27’7”

SU6 Idea 3  SU6 Idea 4  Su6 Idea 1 SU6 idea 6
 SU6 Trio SU6 Duo SU6 Duo Diagonal  SU6 Quattro
 Idea Update 1  SU6 IDea 5
SU6 Octagonal Duo SU6 Octagonal Duo


Installation Mounts

(See slide show below to view the gas strut , easy lift technology & different types of mounts)

  • Gas Strut - Easy Open & Close


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