Custom Sewing Projects

by East Coast Umbrella

At East Coast Umbrella we can do almost any custom sewing projects. Industrial Machine Covers, Boat Covers, Boat Enclosures, Boat Canopies, Custom Bench Cushions, Custom Bed Swing Cushions, Fire Retardant Spark Guards, Fire Retardant Curtains, Fire Retardant Umbrellas, Fire Retardant Cushion, Retractable Curtains & almost any thing else that can be sewn.

We have added videos below to show a few of the custom sewing projects above. The first shows a boat we made a custom sewn boat canopy & custom sewn boat enclosure.

The second is a custom sewn retractable curtain. These can me made with or without Fire Retardant Fabric. These work well in restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs or any where you want the ability to see out of a window or opening & the ability to close it for privacy.

The next video is of a custom sewn cushion 101 inches long. We can custom make any size cushion or toss pillows to fit your need. Examples: Custom Bench Cushions, Custom Swing Cushions, Custom Bed Swing Cushions, Custom Rocking Chair Cushions, Custom Chaise Lounge Cushions, Custom Church Pew Cushions, Custom Window Seat Cushions or basically any style cushions you need.

The final video is of a Fire Retardant Spark Guard. The Fire Retardant Spark Guard can be used for grinding or welding and is easy to move from place to place. It also has a slot for tracks or pipes to fit through making it easier to use on railroad and piping jobs.

We believe in making quality products at a reasonable price. And we stand behind everything we make. So you can rest easy knowing you are getting your custom sewing project done by East Coast Umbrella,

Please feel free to contact us via contact request form or call direct 910-462-2500.

Custom sewn boat covers, canopies and enclosures.
Custom Retractable Curtains
Custom Bench & Other Cushions
Fire Retardant Spark Guard

The happiest people in the world sit under East Coast Umbrellas!

Dewayne Day